Older dogs are the most overlooked dogs at shelters. In general, adopters prefer younger dogs and as a result, senior dogs are seldom go up for adoption in shelters where space is limited.

Oscars Arc has introduced the SENIORS FOR SENIORS Project; a heartwarming tailored program sponsored by LIFTA GERMANY. We select senior dogs from Cape shelters and unite them with senior citizens  - providing both with the mutual benefits of friendship and companionship for the remainder of their lifetimes. Oscars Arc take full responsibility for most of the costs involved with the keeping the dog - allowing senior citizens to relax and enjoy a newfound sense of happiness and purpose without the worry- while at the same time giving a senior dog a home it otherwise would never have found.

If you are a senior citizen over 65 years and wish to sign up for a SENIOR FOR SENIORS dog, please contact us on 082 7729562 or 081 3470784. Alternatively email us: