It’s no secret that WOOF Project needs funds. Despite being psycho-efficient and having only one paid employee and three ‘hands on deck’- the stark reality is that while everyone LOVES what we do, there is only a small handful that back it up with a buck.

So, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that when I get a call from a parent who says their son would like to give their birthday money to help WOOF Project, I’m moved – to the box of tissues! Seriously, a 9-year old showing up and understanding the value of giving – and making a measurable difference on his birthday to make the world a better place? That’s a WOW, personified.

Gabriel arrived at WOOF Project in Sea Point this past weekend and handed over R500 from his birthday takings. A token of his appreciation for what we do and an additional gift of gratitude for having already adopted his best-friend ‘Rosie’ from the Project in 2017. Gabriel isn’t the first 9 year old to do this either.  The point is that moments like these is the absolute reason why I personally thank every donor of Oscars Arc. Whether it be a R1 coin, or a R2000 EFT, it’s not the sum that really matters at all, but rather the principle of the matter. I can tell you that if we got a buck for every ‘OMG I love what you do’, we’d have a container in every city around the world by now. No, I’m not being cynical, OK! I just know that it’s really easy to have an opinion, but words don’t change a thing. The act of giving makes the impact and why we place humans like Gabriel and Carson on top of our pedestal!

No surprises  it’s that time of year where shelters are overly overwhelmed and Oscars Arc wants to drive up adoptions at some brilliant locations. I am reaching out to each one of you to consider a donation in order to keep us alive. Even a penny will do – and through your action, you bet folks, we will home them all!