Ever since the first adoption at WOOF Project, the team has dreamt of the day we’d get to 1000 adoptions. Make no mistake, we want to home them all, but as a young organization, it’s a no-brainer to figure that 1000 would be a big deal in the scheme of the project and a significant milestone in the greater mission. How will be celebrate– and how much MOET will we need (Just kidding, kids!) I mean really, will Trump paint the White House red?

 As the counter that rules the roost at WOOF Project clicked upwards, the heart beats ticked faster. By the time we packed our bags to Jo’berg in August, the number? WEEK 64 | 971 ADOPTIONS.

As a Cape based initiative we only ever considered Table Mountain as the spot to launch the fireworks. But here we were – on the verge of 1000 and Jo’berg bound. CRISES management, right? Following an emergency meeting, the decision was made to keep the counter on 971 in GAutneg – who would notice and  besides, we’d projected 77 adoptions for Joberg so it wasn’t a big deal to ‘turn back  the clock’ and wait till we were back in Cape Town to celebrate.

As we all know, nothing goes to plan. WOOF Project achieved an unprecedented 69 adoptions in the first 5 days at Melrose Arch – and a further 100 followed in the weeks that remained. We simply couldn’t uphold the ‘Freeze Frame’ theory.  Furthermore, with adoption application flying all over our show, RED BULL and Double Expresso’a kicked the MOET out of touch.

 WOOF Project kicks off the Summer Swing at WEEK 70 ADOPTION 1156. Feel free to bring some champagne when you next visit  – although we’d rather you bring an application for another dog.  That’s the bubbly that makes us celebrate long after the bottle is empty! Indeed, that counter at WOOF Project is a symbol of how far we’ve come- but also a reminder of far we still have to go. A sincere thank you to everyone one of you who have adopted, volunteered or given to help shelter dogs get a life thus far. It’s an honor and privilege to have you all onboard as we reach for the next 1000 –  and with your continued support,