It happens every week at the WOOF Project office. My team and I run through the adoptions and to anyone listening on the sidelines it must sound like the New York Stock Exchange. ‘That dog went to the most amazing…’ “Wait, but did you see this adoption…’ ‘Wait till you see this home…’ 

There are so many adoption stories that we wish we could share with you – but there just isn’t time or the resources to do so. Trust me, we could keep you ‘happy’ crying like a country love song until John Wayne returns on a golden sunrise! While it is a shame we can’t share them all and answer to that pressure to post, post and share every one, there is something profoundly sincere about knowing that another dog has made it into a beautiful home; for all involved with the personal adoption process it another life saved . It’s why we are here, doing what we do.

So, with some festive time at hand, here’s one example of one such adoption that came across the office last week. Like most adoptions at WOOF Project, it’s not a complicated story, rather the simplest of adoptions that personify what WOOF Project is all about; just another adoption that sums it all up best, and that moves us the most.

A small puppy was found wondering in nowhere-land on the outskirts of a little town called Grabouw. For those of you who are wondering where on Earth that is, it’s a minuscule dot on the South African landscape where even GOOGLE hasn’t been before! AWS Grabouw picked her up and subsequently reached out to Oscars Arc to give it a chance. The puppy was dropped off at our Franschhoek base a few weeks later –  small and vulnerable and with a voice that no one could ignore, we called the bundle of ‘True Colors’ Cindi Lauper. 

On the second day at WOOF Project, a young couple walked passed – and braked in their tracks. There was something about that particular puppy that caught their attention and they couldn’t let go. In an instant, two became three – and a Christmas vacation became a lifelong transformation. Fast forward three weeks later and a Whatsapp notification from a +1 number buzzed onto the screen. When the images and video were opened that morning at the WOOF Project headquarters, the New York Stock Exchange went silent – and John Wayne lived again. 

Miss Lauper had landed in Vancouver. The ‘nowhere-land’ pup that didn’t stand a chance had arrived! Sometimes we just have to sit back, rub our eyes and take it all in. A puppy from ‘nowhere-land’, now a Canadian citizen? If we at Oscars Arc thought we were having another ‘best day ever’, the family and friends of Ben and Britt who arrived at Vancouver International to meet Cindi were having a national holiday! 

Oscars Arc has sent dozens of dogs abroad, and they tickle us inside every single time they land. Indeed, there is something about the underdog from nowhere that makes it onto the big stage; there’s something about the dog that no one wants, who rises up to defy its destiny, becoming the gift that a family can’t imagine living without. Whatever it that makes these little stories such a big beautiful thing within us, it is real. Its why we are here, doing what we do for the shelter dogs that we at Oscars Arc believe in – and whom we know beckon for big, big things. 

So, to you, Viva La Lauper! While most humans dream of a visit- and a visa – to Vancouver, you beat them all to it! The defiance of defeat, the victory of Vancouver, you deserve it all.  Be on your way but please, send some photos skiing down the Canadian Rockies sometime –  you can bet that the New York Stock Exchange will close again, but that’s just fine with us. You’re the reason we at Oscars Arc choose so to stay right here, helping more of your kind defy defeat and vie for victory in the snow- capped peaks of life’s great divide.